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The Arduino Xbee shield allows multiple Arduino boards to communicate wirelessly over distances up to 100 feet (indoors) or 300 feet (outdoors) using the Maxstream Xbee Zigbee module. details. Motor Control v1. 1. The Arduino Motor shield allows you to control DC motors and read encoders. details. More Shields

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for Arduino: assembled. This shield board plugs on top of an Arduino and makes it easy to connect to all the Digital Inputs and Outputs and the …

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The RobotGeek Sensor Shield will fit on any Standard Arduino Compatible board*, and break out the digital and analog pins into easy to use 3-pin connectors. Each connector supplies 5 …

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V5 Sensor Shield Expansion Board Shield For Arduino UNO R3 /products/ad34369/ Descripcimoda. . .

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Arduino Shields Manual 2010 - 5 - Arduino Motor Shield (SKU: DRI0001) Introduction This motor shield allows Arduino to drive two channel DC motors. It uses a L293B chip which deliveries output current up to 1A each channel. The speed control is achieved through

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Arduino sensor shield 5

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The Arduino shield and the computer both have the same RJ45 connections. That is, the send and receive pins are on the same pin for both sender and receiver. If you connect them directly with a cable, the send pins match up and the receive pins match up and therefore you get no communications.

Arduino sensor shield 5

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Arduino sensor shield 5

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Arduino sensor shield 5

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Latest Arduino Sensor Shield V5. 0 sensor expansion board to retain the V4. 0 version based on the merits, still only the use of laminated design, PCB Immersion Gold processing technology, the motherboard will not only Arduino Duemilanove 2009 controller interface, all digital and analog steering line order form to extend out, but also ad hoc IIC interface, 32 servo controller interface

Arduino sensor shield 5

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The Arduino Sensor Shield V5. 0 is the newest input/output (I/O) stackable shield that breaks out the various I/O pins of the Arduino to connectors that are more robust than the pins on the Arduino board which allows you to connect to various modules like sensors, servos, relays, buttons, potentiometers and much more in much easier fashion.

Arduino sensor shield 5

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Mega Sensor Shield para Arduino REF: 1AS02 Este Shield cil de construir projetos com Arduinos Mega conectando diversos componentes como Servos, Motores e Sensores.

Arduino sensor shield 5

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O Sensor Shield V5. 0 para Arduino dulos APC220, LCD Serial e Paralello e dentre outros.

Arduino sensor shield 5

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O Arduino Sensor Shield V5. 0 dulos, sensores e componentes em uma placa Arduino, podendo ser um Arduino UNO ou Arduino Mega.